HOMEPromack offers gold panning training, as well as picks, pans, dry washers, high bankers, and vacuums We are the home of the Trinity Bowl gold pan and the Promaster line of mining equipment Customers are welcome to come in and learn more about why we love what we do.Gold Dry WasherMini Gold Trommel Plans DIY Gold Prospecting Mining Equipment Build Your Own $1895 Free shipping Electrostatic Gold Drywasher New Medium Size $28000 + Shipping Large Professional Gold Dry Washer $58500 + Shipping Dry Washer Puffer Promaster $77495 + $4500 Shipping Vac Pac Suction Dredge Gold Recovery System, New, Prospecting.» Dry washing for GoldIt is a good idea to shovel lower grade material into your dry washer while adjusting for the proper air flows and pitch Once set, you can shovel in the pay dirt One thing about dry washing is that because it is generally slower than wet methods, the pay dirt must have more gold High grade areas in the deserts certainly do exist!.How to Use a Drywasher Part 1Internet Version Rob Goreham of 49er Mining Supplies explains the principles of how to use a gold drywasher while prospecting and mining in a desert environment See how to use the Falcon Metal Detector identify Pay Layers! Additional Shows Available on Programs Page.Which type of blower for drywasherApr 20, 2013· GOLD PROSPECTING ; Which type of blower for drywasher Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further repli , Imagine powering a dry washer with a battery the size of a cell phone and lasting all day , now that you are in the gold mining business where is the closest place to tempe for you to dig ?.Dry Washing For Gold NuggetsJul 28, 2011· The dry washer allows for the processing of gravels at a much higher rate than possible by winnowing or dry panning In fact, the most widely used piece of dry recovery equipment is the dry washer For all intents, the dry washer is basically designed to be a short, waterless sluice.Find Gold in Arid Regions with a DrywasherSep 23, 2014· Many of the most productive gold districts throughout the West have little to no water This can be a very challenging environment to search for gold Many of the richest gold districts in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Southern California require special prospecting methods in order to find gold Most types of mining equipment use [,].Thompson Drywashers,Redding, CaliforniaI had never used a drywasher before, but looking for gold was not new to me I used to spend a lot of time panning and using an underwater dredge around the Sonora, California area I told him that I would like to go drywashing with him We went to a wash out in the desert he said had some gold in it.Thompson DrywashersAdventures In Prospecting Mining Supplies • 2111 Montgomery St • Oroville CA • 95965 Thompson Drywasher Leaf Blower Model The Leaf Blower Model needs a small leaf blower (not included) In the bottom of the riffle box is a 12 blade fan with an adjustable weight on one side You can change the speed of the fan by moving the weight.Dry Washers OnlineVibrostatic Dry Washer with Hot Air Induction $1,89500 Quick View Vibrostatic Back Pack Dry Washer $76995 , has been providing the very best in mining and prospecting equipment Whatever you need, we're here to help! Categori Dredges;.

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Nov 08, 2017· Hello, I havent had time to do much prospecting lately I sold my pack washer a year or two ago and just havent been out anymore until the last couple moths I came across a gold king drywasher a friend had, it looks similar to the 151 in size atleast, So.

Drywashing for Gold in New MexicoNov 27, 2016· Successful gold prospecting in New Mexico all comes down to using the proper equipment Drywashers and metal detectors Drywashing for Gold in New Mexico In dry climates like New Mexico, the drywasher is the single best piece of mining equipment for the average small scale gold.HomeOver 100 Gold Prospecting Videos to Watch Gold prospecting equipment and gold mining equipment GoldHog produces and sells gold prospecting equipment to 35 countries around the world We have over the past 7 years become the industry innovator in gold recovery and gold mining.DrywashersDrywashers (30) Keene Drywashers (11) Royal Drywashers (6) Vacs, Hoses, and Accessories (8) Finishers and Concentrators (11) Fireware (25) Furnaces and Kilns (6) Furnaces and Kilns Accessories (47) Glass and Labware (36) Hand Tools and Equipment (50) High Banker / Dredge Combos (32) Jewlery (25) Metal Detectors (20) Metal Detector Accessories (25).Welcome to the Wonderful World of PackWasherSep 26, 2019· GOLD FEVER! Most of you know how that works I wanted to combine my love of motorcycles and prospecting so my purchase of equipment was limited to a 10" pan, tweezers and a sucker bottle A few years later I bought a drywasher and a 2" dreage; well so much for the motorcycle From 1984 to 1989 I was a weekend miner.Whippet DrywasherFeb 03, 2018· been thinking about purchasing a dry washer and seen the whippet dry washer on another site was curious if anyone has any experience with the Whippet Drywasher looks like it would be a pretty light little unit thanks for any and all input on it , Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Forums ; Gold Panning, Sluicing, Dredging, Drywashing, Etc ;.Thompson Drywashers ,Redding, CaliforniaBill Thompson has been building and improving his gold drywashers for the past eleven years,trying to build the best drywasher in the business Bill's newest drywashers prove what he has always said "My drywashers are built by a working man and priced for a working man".DRYWASHING FOR GOLD IN ARIZONA !!! Thompson DrywasherMay 09, 2017· Returning to drywashing for redemption with the Thompson Drywasher, the little puffer that could, deep in the desert of Arizona on an AMRA claim Join us as we learn more about drywashing and.Gold Buddy DrywashersThe legs are plated steel and are shipped attached to the dry washer The legs are collapsed by simply pushing two push pins and they remain attached to the dry washer when folded down (Picture A) (SOLD OUT) The Gold Buddy VIBRA LITE COLT Dry Washer is the newest addition to the Gold Buddy drywasher family It is 33" tall and the recovery box.Dry Washing for Gold Prospecting in Arizona, Nevada andUsing a dry washer is a great way to find gold in many areas in the southwest Limited water makes gold prospecting difficult in many regions, making common mining methods like panning, sluicing, and dredging impossible They are a great way to find gold in.Recovering Fine Gold with a DrywasherTips for Recovering Fine Gold with a Drywasher Given a choice, most miners prefer using water to wash and run material, but in some dry, remote areas that is just not feasible If you focus on the natural conditions that exist in desert regions and work with them, you can maximize fine gold recovery The number one rule is that the drier the soil, the better.15 lb Backpack DrywasherThe area we mined shows pretty good gold and because there is only foot access to this area there are many places that have no mining activity This is the kind of situation that we created the Whippet Drywasher for We want to provide a true backpack mining solution that will.DrywashersThe pin design operates like a rake, settling heavy material to the bottom Designed to open up channels for gold to fall down The pins transfer vibration to upper levels of material being processed For use only in our Large Royal Gold DryWasher, designed to open up channels for gold to fall down.